Makria is Greek for 'far and beyond'. Much of this album was recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece and London, U.K., weaving Middle Eastern melodies and African rhythms around a playful blend of eclecticism.



Sohre speaks through a myriad of instruments: guitar, piano, accordion, flute, clarinet, harmonium, organ, percussion & vocals, while also sprinkling natural sound effects into some of the themes, inviting you to go on a visual journey through exotic scenery before returning home to an intimate and personal final song.



Simon McCarty (percussion), Dimitris Kakos (bass), Nikos Tourbis (drums and percussion) and Carl Dexter (guitar, contrabass and weird effects) form the nucleus around Sohre, with guest musicians showcased on several cuts. Jim McCarty of the legendary Yardbirds and Simon's father, plays percussion and Karen Gheorghiu, guest of Zappa's Mothers of Invention plays the English horn.



Hurdy gurdy, cello, saz, various world percussion instruments and natural sound effects, such as the popular market in Thessaloniki or thermal hot springs in Langadas are also woven into the selections.

Sohre, along with John Herchenrider and Carl Dexter mixed and produced Makria for Fleeting Echoes Ltd.

Makria includes a full colour 8-page insert with lyrics and production details on heavy stock pearl matte paper.
Marty Eigenberger provided the images ~ most shot on location (European continent).
Liz Aday was the graphics guru for the entire CD and made collages for two additional credit panels
Feet in sandals on disc uses knockout to silver, creating a shimmery look.

See detailed Credits & Audio Samples for all songs.